About Me

I recently completed my third year of Mechatronics Engineering and Management at McMaster University. I look forward to participating in the exchange program and studying abroad after coming back from my 12 months of coop at Bell as a Network Engineering student. I am interested in software and robotics, and hope to work in the aerospace industry after graduation.


My enrolment in a unique program that combines software, electrical and mechanical engineering with business courses allows me to explore opportunities in multiple disciplines. I am involved with several engineering clubs including the McMaster Mechatronics Society, McMaster Makers club, McMaster Women in Engineering, and McMaster EngiQueers. The photo shown here is a prototype of the bluetooth Arduino car workshop I taught as a part of McMaster Makers.


I am the goalie on the McMaster women's varsity water polo team. We won the silver medal at the 2017 National Collegiate Water Polo Championships. I was awarded team MVP for the 2019 season, and have been given the Marauder Scholar Award for academic excellence while participating on a varsity sport every year I have competed on the team.


As a tutor with over 7 years of experience, I've had the opportunity to work with several students ranging from kindergarteners to university students. I also enjoy volunteering as a mentor at events that get young students interested in science and engineering such as Go ENG Girl and STEM Hacks.


Below are some projects I've completed in high school, university, and side projects

  • Laser Cutting

    I design and laser cut custom pieces for my friends and family. This includes keychains for clubs and teams as well as other one-off items. Photos of my designs can be found here

  • Space Invaders

    As a capstone project for AP Computer Science, I built Space Invaders using Java. View the project here!

  • IMPACT Project

    I led a team of 4 engineering students through the engineering design process to design and build a prototype of a garbage disposal system for a client who is a wheelchair user whichwe then pitched to a panel of professors.

  • Gear Train Hand

    In my first year engineering design course, I worked with 2 other engineering students to use Autodesk Inventor to 3D model a gear train that mimics the motion of a hand and well as a custom chassis. We then printed and assembled a working prototype of the design.

Other fun facts about me

  • I was an extra in a Disney movie.
  • I can solve a Rubik's cube in around 45 seconds.
  • I like watching Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune.